Traveling is a bridge between heaven and earth, for many celebrities, Los Cabos is that bridge.

Worldwide, Los Cabos is known as the perfect and ultimate destination for luxury, privacy and pleasant relaxation. Maybe that ́s why celebrities keep a special place in their heart for this privileged location.

Most of them live under a constant observation of media and fans so when it ́s time to get away from spotlights, here they find a true paradise.

Here are just four of many celebrities that have traveled to Los Cabos. Perhaps it ́s time to thinking as they do.


Oscar winner actor, Christian Bale visited Los Cabos a few weeks ago, putting something clear: He is brave and adventurous as his characters!

He enjoyed the beach, the unmatched weather and appetizing food, but the most memorable time was his encounter with the whale shark.

Can you imagine it for a minute?

The very “Knight of the night”, swimming with such a dazzling species!

His modesty is as great as his talent.

Just look at these pictures, says more than any words.


For many years, Jennifer Aniston has been keeping a special affair with Los Cabos.

The most recent and torrid encounter had place last February. The american actress, producer and businesswoman celebrated her 48th birthday.


She was spotted relaxing in Los Cabos with her husband and her long-time friend and co- star Courtney Cox.

Jen was very excited to spend some time on this lovely getaway that clearly satisfies all her ambitions and desires.

Which ones are yours?


Looks like Los Cabos is the best place for Enrique Iglesias to get inspired to give the world the best performances ever.

Watching his photo, we only can say that he found here the most quite place to create, relax and recharge energy.

Few days ago, the spanish singer and composer shared this stunning view taken from Hotel Alegranza.

You could be there on your next visit.


Spending a Valentine ́s Day with your loved in Los Cabos could be one of the most treasured moments in life, Jessica Alba knows it very well.

The actress, her husband Cash Warren and their kids experienced, last February, an unforgettable getaway.

They were surrounded by natural beauties, perfect weather, sun rays and so much more.

Just look at their smiles!

George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Cindy Crawford, Gwyneth Paltrow among so much more celebs around the world visit Los Cabos every year.

What are you waiting for?

Come and stay, you too can travel like a Hollywood star.