Explore the desert landscapes of Los Cabos and admire the sea of Cortez and its mesmerizing shades of blue.

Deserts cover one-third of the land on the planet. In all of them, life finds a way to manifest itself. In Los Cabos, there is so much to discover.

Are you ready to ride a camel on your next visit to Los Cabos? If the answer is yes, here you’ll find the perfect destination.

Prepare to face a magic combination between the beautiful blue of the sea and the majestic mountains that surround the Peninsula. Also, be ready to contemplate a stunning landscape.

Riding a camel has become one of the main tourist attractions of Los Cabos. It is a journey through the desert where you could, literally, overcome physical or perhaps emotional deserts aboard so gentle giant.

Here are 5 reasons why you should live this experience:

1. Visit Rancho San Cristobal: A semi-desertic place where you will find some turtle camps. Release these lovely nature expressions and help to keep safe this noble species.


2. Imagine you walking among sand dunes, limestone, shrubs and cacti! All under the invigorating sun rays, but with a fresh breeze from a beach paradise located just a few steps away.

3. The staff will give you safety instructions for this activity, you will also know important information about these tender animals. For your safety and confidence, they have the necessary knowledge for you to enjoy an adorable experience.

4. In this walk you will learn more about the local culture and its ecosystem: shrubs, incense of the desert, cactus trees and plants of red resin, vultures, eagles, woodpeckers and many other species.










5. Finally you could delight with its delicious Mexican food: from the traditional quesadillas to exquisite and delicious seafood. Don´t forget to taste some tequila shots.

For more information visit Cabo Adventures

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