There’s much more to Los Cabos than its beautiful beaches. Discover some of its hidden treasures, such as an outstanding desert oasis or unexpected history-filled architectonic jewels.

  1.  La Giganta 

It is a treasure for the more adventurous. Located in the municipality of Comondú, a place that still preserves its natural essence and remains still protected from the hands of man, here you will find a variety of vegetation, from palm trees and reeds to orange trees and other fruit species. The road to La Giganta is long, you will have to travel about 48 kilometers, but the view will assure you, it is worth, walks through the desert and enjoy the spectacular and reddish landscapes that the sun gives at sunset. Do not forget to bring water, very comfortable shoes, sun block, gasoline, GPS and snacks for the road.

  1. Miraflores

Miraflores is a promising tourist destination with its natural beauty and with stories that are sure to capture national and foreign tourists’ imagination. One, tells of a story originating two centuries ago, about English sailors who abandoning their ship, arrived in this area, learned the language and became a part of this community. You can still see English surnames on some of the old headstones at the local cemetery.

Located located 30 kilometers (19 miles) from San Jose del Cabo, it is one of the culturally richest areas in the municipality of Los Cabos. In 1929, the first statue in the country honoring “Mothers” was erected here and has become its patrimony.

This area was the first in the State celebrating the Pitahaya, a fruit which is part of the roots of this town.

  1.   Santiago Oasis

Baja California Sur, as we all know, is a place where the desert meets the ocean. Few are aware that the Santiago Oasis, with its beautiful waterfall,  is right there in Sierra La Laguna. This marvel can be found in the small town of Santiago, a community located in a fertile valley filled with palmtrees on the road between San Jose del Cabo airport and La Paz, near Los Barriles. It is known for its colonial mission founded in 1723. El Palomar Hotel and Restaurant is also there, and gained notoriety after famous singer and actress Barbra Streisand went there and declared it was her new favorite restaurant upon having its fresh fish “al mojo de ajo”. The oasis is located on private property and is a protected area, accessible to the public through Rancho Ecologico. A real desert oasis!

  1.   Sierra de la Laguna

The Sierra de la Laguna area, declared a biosphere reserve in 1994, houses an incredible diversity of fauna and flora which attracts nature lovers, as well as mountain bikers, climbers and hikers. A perfect place for an adventure.

5.  San Jose Estuary

An oasis, a body of water in a desert area, is the result of the presence of springs with water from the underground water table, rising through shallow porous rocks. Josefino Estuary is an oasis next to the sea. It is the southernmost one of the 180 located in Baja California Sur. The water sustaining this spot originates in Sierra de La Laguna in La Trinidad, travels through a stream and bumps against a sand barrier which keeps it from emptying into the sea. It is a true coastal lagoon and the only fresh water one in the state.

6.   Boca de La Sierra

Boca de la Sierra, is a small paradise not even on tourist maps yet, and only very few tourist guides are aware of it. Located just 8 kilometers from Miraflores, it is necessary to leave your vehicle about 100 meters away from the road, and start your trek towards the lake, divided into two parts by a stone trail. Discover it!

7.   Agua Caliente or “El Chorro” Ranch

SPA, is an acronym that stands for “Salus Per Aquam”, meaning Health through Water. The practice goes back to ancient times and has various uses. Its recreational and curative properties is owed to the chemical and biological powers it has. Treatments for depression, stress, antiaging and weight loss using water, mud or clay are therapies found in the most exclusive SPAS in the world. There are a great number of spaces dedicated to this in Baja California Sur. In the northern part of the Los Cabos Municipality there are beautiful areas with water resources with high mineral content. One of these is the Agua Caliente Ranch (Hot Water) which takes its name from the thermal waters in that area. A bit north-east are San Jorge Ranch and Santa Rita Ranch that also have mineral waters.

It is definitely a new, yet ancient, way to enjoy these treasures and experience different adventures in contact with nature, in the most marvelous and exciting places that Baja California Sur has to offer.