The outstanding beaches in Los Cabos are certainly a main attraction to this area. This is a favorite destination for surf lovers around the world, as it has a wide variety of waves, though it is not possible to swim at all the beaches.

Surf lovers from the local community and tourists gather at Costa Azul Beach every summer to make the most of the excellent weather and incredible waves.

Two special spots along this beach are Zippers and Acapulquito.


Zippers, with deep water and epic waves to ride, carve-back and tame, is a paradise for experienced surfers. This is the headquarters of the International Los Cabos Open of Surf. An event that attracts thousands of tourists every year to look up close the skills and abilities of professionals, while enjoying good food and musical performances.

Zippers, at Costa Azul Beach is located at kilometer 28.5 along the Tourist Corridor.

Acapulquito Beach , at kilometer 28, is the ideal spot for surfers, without much experience, to start learning how to surf. Great places for surf enthusiasts to relax, watch and enjoy the spectacular tricks of professional surfers, are the seashore, or the terrace of the 7 Seas Restaurant at the Cabo Surf Hotel.

The event is getting closer and we will be sharing with you all the details.