Are you able to stand on a surfboard while the waves suspend you?

Surfing is an age-old sport that challenges your senses; not only because the concentration that is required but also skills, mental and physical.

Even when you are not master in this activity, the experience is unforgettable!

Close your eyes, imagine that you slip on the waters of the Pacific Ocean, your feet have become that surfboard that you have underneath, you feel the breeze of the wind in your face as the waves are breaking, you have become the sea, the waves lift you lightly … you seem to be flying.

If you decide to travel to Los Cabos, you can add to your vacation a dose of pure adrenaline practicing this legendary sport and enjoy the beautiful scenery that nature has created almost as if it had planned.

Here, passionate surfers have the privilege of enjoying beaches with warm waters and excellent waves.

If you are an amateur and you have the concern to learn to surf, you can do it in Acapulquito located in San José del Cabo, in this place the waves will be noble, they are calm and safe.

Going up in intensity we arrive at the beaches of Barriles, where only the most experienced and risky surfers dare to challenge. Take advantage of the first hours of the morning to ride on the waves and be among the first to contemplate the sunrise.

Among the beaches most loved by foreign and national surfers are Los Cerritos and Pastora in Todos Santos; here you can take surfing lessons from professionals.

These beaches have become a meeting point for all those fans of surfing where you can even know some world championships winners.

Undoubtedly surfing is amazing because it gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to have overcome your fears.

If you surrender to the charms of surfing, all you need is a board because without this you could not be complete; the advantage is that in Los Cabos you can find them easily, from classic models to customized.

Remember when choosing to consider your complexion, experience, style and the type of waves you will face.

There ́s nothing to stop you.

Los Cabos has become the first destination to visit during 2017 as it has a wide range of options for all tastes, our mission: Your total pleasure and satisfaction.

Are you ready to conquer a wave?