“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Buddha

The good news for you is that bliss is contagious and you can affect the happiness of others with whom you are connected. See? You taking a vacation and engaging in a little self care might be the best gift you give people all year!

That’s the main reason why Los Cabos Today was created and released some weeks ago. We’ve been wandering around Los Cabos and its splendors, both on ground and in the ocean, to hear the voices our visitors and to learn what they like the most about this dazzling destination, how their daily lives are while traveling and what they meaningful experiences they are having every day.

One of the most important factors in boosting happiness comes from sharing good news and the reaction of the people they are shared with around the world. We’ve been spreading your good stories globally with thousands of visitors and those who yearn to join in on the fun, so the results have been incredible!

Just like you, we love Los Cabos. The weather, the beaches, the natural grandeurs, the fascinating landscapes, the whales, the fauna, the nightlife, it all adds up to a travel experience like no other. A pleasant and unique stay at some of the most luxurious resorts, a whale watching tour, a visit to the Arch, an underwater adventure, a delicious dinner next to the ocean, an adventurous camel tour… all experiences that can be done here on your vacation.

Through this stunning and surprising journey, we’ve met very nice people from all around the world: Alaska, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, United States and we keep looking for more.

During their participation on Los Cabos Film Festival, top celebrities Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Morrison shared their love and interest about the uniqueness of such a remarkable destination.

Each joyful moment you share is not only highly contagious but our online community actually has magnified the intensity of its dissemination.

All the news about Los Cabos that have been posted has influenced positively people who in their turn positively influence other people. With positive post, we can brighten up the day of someone we have never met.

Be part of our contribution not only for a better experience in Los Cabos but also for a better world!

Good news generate better people and Los Cabos welcomes them all.