Saturday June 10 was a very special date for Los Cabos. It was four o’clock with 55 minutes in the afternoon when the inaugural flight from Sacramento, California, operated by Alaska Airlines arrived to the airport.

Each passenger was greeted with warmth and hospitality, that ́s why Los Cabos is consolidated as a destination full of surprises and unparalleled attention around the world.

Exquisite canapes, refreshing drinks and a special gift, welcomed the visitors, but the greatest joy was experienced when a mariachi began to play the chords of splendid regional Mexican music.

170 passengers came to enjoy the magnificent and beautiful mixture between sea and desert that only Los Cabos offers, and with them, 170 commitments to bring the greatest comfort and fun.

It is a direct flight that communicates these amazing cities with an estimated of more than 40 thousand tourists per year.

The airplane in charge of transporting the visitors is a Boeing 737 with the following schedules:

Sacramento Los Cabos
12:50 p.m. – 4:55 p.m.

Los Cabos Sacramento
5:55 p.m. – 8:04 p.m.

The government of Baja California Sur has approved the Air Bilateral Agreement between Mexico and the United States specifying new routes that connect with Los Cabos.

In 2016 only 1.6 million international tourists were received. A number easy to say, but has been achieved thanks to the commitment to offer outstanding and unique treatment.

Los Cabos is constantly growing, innovating and attracting new agreements and benefits for the total satisfaction of all visitors.

Summer is here!
Come to Los Cabos and enjoy it like never before.