Summer vacations are about to start and tourism sector is ready to begin one of its most important seasons.  Occupancy records will explode!

It is interesting to see how the Mexicans have changed the way they travel acquiring new habits.

Mexicans are choosing vacation packages for domestic and international destinations reserving up to three months before their stay.

This shows us how they book their vacations in advance and seek to pay for all the touristic services they plan to use before departing in order to maintain better control of their expenses.

New spots are being positioned among the favorites of Mexicans to go on vacation next summer. Talking about domestic destinations, Merida leads the ranking of the five cities followed by Cabo San Lucas, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Tuxtla Gutierrez and Guadalajara. These preferences allow us to detect that colonial cities and beaches are the main options for Mexican travelers to visit this season.

For international destinations, we detect interesting habits. Chicago and San Francisco are the cities that lead the ranking of favorite places to visit this summer and are followed by other cities such as La Habana and Tokyo.

Reservations to domestic destinations prevail over the international ones and as long as the US currency remains at the levels it has been registering, the demand for domestic travel will continue to increase.

Families with one child, couples and small groups of friends are looking to book vacation packages for this summer.

The average ticket for a national travel fluctuates around $10,161 pesos and for an international destination around $22,680 pesos.

Undoubtedly, the way Mexicans will travel during the next vacation is different from few years ago.

It is important to say that the industry is adapting to travelers’ habits. The current tourist offer allows making the desired journey.



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