San Jose del Cabo offers to its visitors dozens of great art galleries and is a modern and intriguing city where you can literally find inspiration in every corner.

What better excuse to expand your collection or artistic horizons than the art galleries of San Jose del Cabo? There is an opportunity to admire a diverse selection of art with unparalleled convenience.

Coming this fall, Gallery District will present several artists and stunning exhibitions. Take a moment to explore your artistic side at adorable spots such as Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery.

Founded in the autumn of 2008, Patricia Mendoza Gallery established itself among the top galleries from the very beginning, constantly renewing the exhibitions and artwork.

Check out its 3 upcoming events!

1.- Ricardo Solis Exhibition

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, graduated from the School of Visuals Arts and acquired expertise in workshops outstanding teachers. His work has been admired globally in major collections.

From a very young age he was attracted to art and nature, now as a professional artist he tries to express in his work the beauty and perfection of both and his belief in the undeniable existence of a Creator.

Currently exhibiting!


The exhibit that emerges from the union of two different genres within the contemporary pictorial plastic. Both are shown in full coexistence through the expression of each artist and their own interpretation, by showing a “universe” of new pictorial possibilities.

This project aims to show the closest relationship between two genres of art that were considered opposites but have more in common than imagined, and can be integrated in perfect harmony beyond their spatial composition to build unique pieces, made by 10 figurative artists and 10 abstracts of recognized trajectory; resulting in a collection of 30 magnificent pieces that invite the viewer to reinvent the imagination.

Starting on November 2nd until December 15th

3.- “Antiguas Coordenadas” by Eduardo Mejorada

Self-taught multidisciplinary plastic artist. His work converges in the languages of minimalism and abstraction.

“Antiguas Coordenadas” is about the fragments of a tombstone that serves as a brush and reflects the encounter between the artist and the place where his father rests.

It awakens in the artist the interest of draw constructions that once served as a shelter. First it was a house, after only a space that collapsed with the passage of time, and finally, the enclosure where the ancestors were buried.

Don’t forget to take a walk over the colorful streets of San Jose del Cabo. Its Spanish-style square is shaded by old trees and lined with colonial-era buildings.

Visit the church and town hall, or have a nice evening at some of the delicious coffee shops, restaurants and bars.

Art Walk is about to start!