The more you thank life,
the more life gives you to be thankful for.

There are many stories full of love and gratitude that were born in Los Cabos. Swimming with the magnificent whale shark, riding a camel in the desert or a horse through the beach. Your wedding? Your honey moon? Maybe that getaway to declare your love to that special person with the emblematic arch as a witness.

Another experience could be when you sailed the Sea of Cortez to the paradise known as Lover´s Beach or that walk through the historical town Todos Santos, perhaps was only you, resting on the sand, thinking, breathing, living.

Which is your happiest travel moment in Los Cabos?

We started to search treasured moments achieved in Los Cabos, finding great and tremendous reasons that make this place the preferred by many travelers around the world.

All of them concluded the same: Gracias Los Cabos
Do you want to know why?

1. Visiting the distinctive arch of Los Cabos

It is here where the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California, one of the most biologically diverse seas on earth.

It provides an attractive photo destination for visitors to nearby Cabo San Lucas. It also serves as a social spot for sea lions, who congregated long before Cabo became a whole thing.

You are right Karida, it’s even more beautiful in person than in pictures!

2. Admire San Jose’s estuary and bird sanctuary

Is a unique oasis and refuge for birds such as the endemic gray thrasher and Xanthus’s hummingbird, Virginia rail, white-faced and white Ibis. In 1994 it was designated a State Ecological Reservoir.

Best season to visit?

Agree Julie D, is the best place to walk next to fascinating birds!

3. Marlin Alley

You will find waters that provide some of the finest sport-fishing in the world. The best opportunity for marlin fishing and many other bill-fish species all year-round waits for you in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The name is well deserved, as Cabo San Lucas is the undisputed bill-fish capital of the world.

Come back soon WorldTravelers34.
For sure you will catch a Marlin next time!

Share your happy moments in Los Cabos, if you don´t have any, book your trip now, embrace a reason to say: Gracias Los Cabos!