Nowadays it is impossible to enjoy the sounds of silence. The traffic, the dizzying pace of humanity, communications, and even our own mental noise keep you away from that precious and necessary time of peace, but for your fortune there are still some paradises where it is possible to get in touch with your most sensitive side.

In the peninsula of Baja California Sur, there are 3 natural sites to escape from the world and enjoy the most special samples of flora and fauna. Close your eyes, feel as the wind travels your skin, listen to the waves crash, the birds whistle and enjoy the scents of nature.


It is one of the richest and most extensive coral reef regions on the planet. With more than 7, 000 hectares of sea, this year celebrates 21 years of being recognized as Natural Protected Area.

It is a topic of conversation all around the world and for its conservation and care, the government, civil society and educational institutions work together under a continuous study of the reef.

Thanks to twenty years of hard work and the prohibition of fishing, the presence of sea-life has increased in a 400%.

Cabo Pulmo is formed by 4 coral reefs with a depth ranging from 8 to 20 meters. The age of the reef is estimated to be around 25,000 years.

Why does it shelter such diversity and abundance of marine species?
It is located in an important transition zone where temperate and cold tropical waters converge.

Before your visit please learn the rules for the conservation of this stunning reservoir located in Los Cabos: it is forbidden to harpoon, wear gloves, carry a knife, use sunscreens, throw anchors, touch the corals, damage the reef and species who lives there.


It ́s a beautiful community located north of Los Cabos. Its population is estimated around 50 people who live permanently, spread over 14 ranches.

If you are looking for outdoor adventures, this is the ideal place for alternative tourism. You will be in direct contact with the natural and cultural heritage.

Here is practiced trekking that is close to the knowledge of the flora and fauna characteristic of the area and if we talk about mountain biking, do not hesitate to visit this place. The pathways around the canyon are unique!

Climb giant rocks and walk in the midst of mountains. The reward will be great: refreshing calm waters.

Drive over highway San Jose del Cabo – La Paz, towards the Delegation of Santiago. During the trip, you will admire the typical vegetation of the region.


At kilometer 12 of the road stretch San José del Cabo – Cabo San Lucas, you will find this natural gift that offers tranquility and an unparalleled landscape.

Its perfect horseshoe shape welcomes you; the pink sand, will pamper your skin. If you arrive at an early hour you can witness an astounding sunrise, where the sea and the wind will compose the perfect symphony.

This beach is a marine sanctuary, excellent for snorkeling.
Bathrooms, showers and palapas services for free!

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Los Cabos, worth visiting and contemplating a sunset.