It’s springtime and there’s no better way to refreshing than to indulge in some tasty, flavorful ice cream. In Los Cabos, you will find ice cream parlors that surely leave you smirking and your heart singing!

Before recommending a refreshing tour by some of the best ice cream parlors, we have the obligation to tell you some benefits of this dessert that will make your spring a one to remember.

They are an excellent source of hydration! Your best ally for a walk through Todos Santos.


They strengthen bone mass and help control blood pressure by being an important source of vitamin B, calcium and protein.
You will have more energy to explore the desert aboard an ATV, next to the ocean!

Now, some of the best ice cream parlors in Los Cabos:

1. Bravo Italia Gelato

100% natural ingredients!
Acclaimed by its customers due to the great variety of flavors offered: kiwi, passion fruit, cinnamon, swiss chocolate among others.

If you’re looking for something adventurous, go for the Berry mix. Your senses will explode!

Photos courtesy of: Facebook Bravo Italia Gelato Cabo
Located in: Carretera Transpeninsular km 2 | Wal-Mart Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas 23450, Mexico.

2. Gelateria Per Tutti

Small and picturesque ice cream parlor, characterized by an excellent atmosphere, pleasant service and delicious creations.

Is perhaps Los Cabos’ best-kept secret. This establishment ́s decoration with small chairs and great view, compose the magic scenery so that you enjoy your favorite flavor.

Coconut, coffee and chocolate are the favorites of the locals, but for sure, they have something special for you.

Try healthy ice cream. Sugar or gluten free. Simply tasty!

Photo courtesy: Facebook Gelateria Per Tutti
Located in: Paseo Malecón SN, Plaza Del Pescador, Local 15, Front to Cabo Azul, San José Del Cabo 23400, Mexico.

3. La Dulce Ines.
Let us count the reasons why Dulce Ines is one of the best licks: take sweet-and-savory flavors like caramel, chocolate and coconut.
It offers an unbeatable quality in each product crowned with yummy toppings.

It ́s a must on your next vacation in Cabo.

Photo courtesy: Facebook La Dulce Inés.
Located in: Boulevard Antonio Mijares | Plaza Artesanos Local 38, San Jose del Cabo 23400, Mexico.

4. La Higiénica
The slow-food devotees who run this ice cream parlor created adventurous flavors including kiwi, mango and pineapple.
Try one of many ice cream sandwich varieties, they’re said to be delicious!
Even the pickiest of palates can experience a refreshing satisfaction at La Higiénica.

Photos courtesy: La Higiénica
Located in; Morelos between Niños Héroes and 16 of September, San Lucas 23450, Mexico.

Why do we love ice cream?

Book your trip to Los Cabos, pick a flavor and discover the reasons just in front of the ocean.