Some time ago the famous explorer and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau named Cabo Pulmo in Los Cabos, as “The Aquarium of the World”. Its great variety of species that live there, 39% of the total marine mammals of the world, was the reason for this perfect description.

You can judge this statement by immersing yourself in its sea and seeing its sea creatures and landscapes while practicing scuba diving or snorkeling.

Definitely it is a mesmerizing experience waiting for you in Cabo.

Take a look into 4 reasons to live this incomparable adventure that attracts miles of intrepid travelers from all over the world.

  1. Its turquoise and crystalline waters will allow you to appreciate the marine diversity of the Pacific Ocean, and have close encounters with manta rays, multicolored fish, sea turtles, moray eels, lions, and even bull and hammerhead sharks.
  2. You will be captivated by one of the three coral reefs that still survive in the region, thanks to the calm smell of its salty waters, considered by many to be a sanctuary of absolute beauty.
  1. For those who like extreme adventures, you will have the opportunity to visit “El Abismo” one of the best deep seafarers, located 30 meters from the Arch. You will face the astonishing sand cascades.
  1. You will find fascinating beaches including La Pared Norte, Roca Pelicano, and Playa Chileno.

Los Cabos is the ideal place for diving and snorkeling even for beginners; the staff will give you the equipment and information required to enjoy this expedition to the marine world.

You can practice it any time of the year.

Your only concern is deciding which places to explore.

Step into a marine world full of color and moving magic!