Los Cabos has positioned itself as one of the favorite tourist destinations for travelers around the world thanks to the great offer of natural beauties that you will find and the luxury, comfort and exclusivity in every place. It doesn’t mean spending large amounts of money.

We can name this tourist destination as the perfect postcard for your holiday.

There is a range of options to complement this experience in the company of your family, couple, friends or simply you, in which money is not the protagonist.

It is said that the most beautiful things in life are free. Here you will find 4 activities to do in Los
Cabos… No credit card required!

Practice yoga on the beach:

Its majestic beaches, the warmth of its waters and its exotic nature, invite you to connect fully with mother earth through practicing yoga. This activity has many benefits, for example practicing yoga on the sand as opposed to doing it in a traditional surface, helps you to stay more concentrated in the postures and to overcome the fear of falling.

Inhale and exhale to the rhythm of the waves, enjoy the fresh air and free your mind.

The beach will be your only witness.

Visit museums and galleries:

Los Cabos offers you a varied selection of sites where history comes to life. Learn more about the culture of this place, through its beautiful museums such as the Museum of Natural History of Cabo San Lucas, the Museum of the California, the Community Museum of Todos Santos, the Community Museum of the Whale, among others.

On the other hand, in the art galleries of San José del Cabo, you will delight the pupil with a great artistic offer (see our blog about Art Walk) from paintings, sculptures, serigraphs and unique pieces of fine jewelry.

Travel through art and enjoy another expression of our Mexico.

Walk on the beach:

Listen to the whisper of the sea and feel the cool breeze of the waves under your feet. Undoubtedly, something that defines Los Cabos is its splendid beaches, but there is a specific one that leaves open to any traveler who visits, we refer to Playa Palmilla, characterized by its magnificent landscapes and warm people. If you go as a couple there is no more romantic scene than being able to enjoy beautiful sunsets and plan a whole day at the beach.

Cycling on the beach: Every Sunday local people and tourists gather to enjoy in a different way a place where not only can you immerse yourself in its crystalline waters or sunbathe on the soft sand, but enjoy the beach from another perspective: cycling few meters to the sea.

Los Cabos has incredible terrestrial routes that will take you to hidden places and pristine beaches. It is simply a relaxing, quiet and enjoyable activity.

The only investment required is your time.

The revenue?
Your happiness!