Every year, without fail, some very special visitors arrive to Los Cabos. Grey and humpback whales arrive south of the Baja California peninsula in mid-November. And just like that, from that date until the end of March, Los Cabos becomes host to the most extraordinary natural show.

As part of their cycle, whales travel thousand of kilometers in search of warmer waters to give birth to their calves and to mate. The Mexican coasts have become these marine mammals’ favorite and Los Cabos is one of the most privileged areas for whale watching.

There are different travel agencies that sell tours to be able to watch them from a closer angle. Nevertheless, in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, whales can be seen from the coast.

Get inspired with these 5 pictures of whales and come to Los Cabos and be part of the show.

5 pictures that remind us why Whales are so amazingOne of the most fascinating moments in whale watching is the instant when they jump or breach. Many experts agree that whale breaching has several roles. In some cases it can be a form of communication, in others to show strength and power; it also works to dislodge skin parasites and at times they do it just for fun.

5 pictures that remind us why Whales are so amazing 5 pictures that remind us why Whales are so amazingBut if it’s jumps we are talking about, the most amazing is the peduncle throw. Humpback whales can do this unique feat thanks to their pectoral fins with knobby protuberances. Not all whales can do it, and that is why watching a humpback makes it such an unforgettable performance.

Believe it or not, whales can be friendly and curious creatures. It is common for them to approach vessels to “greet” its crew. This behavior is more often found in the grey whale. Even though this conduct has no scientific explanation, many experts say they do it because they have not been hunted down in this area for a long time now. That is why they are not afraid and do not feel threatened by nearby boats.

5 pictures that remind us why Whales are so amazingWe are ready, with much excitement, to welcome these amazing creatures in our beaches. Come and experience the adventure nature offers in Los Cabos.  

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