USA Today has published its survey of The 10 Best, and on the list of 10 Best Beaches in Mexico, 5 of them are in Los Cabos and La Paz, including Balandra beach in the number one spot.

USA Today is a very popular website covering national and international news, technology, finance, sports and other topics. Its website is dedicated to tourist promotion, and is a complete travel guide, well known for its surveys regarding public opinions in the United States. At the beginning of this year, the site published a list of 20 beaches so that readers could chose the 10 best. Here are 5 of them, all located in Baja California Sur.

Balandra Beach

The first place on the list was awarded to Balandra beach, located in La Paz, Baja California Sur. Described as a magical place, with a pristine white sand beach and turquoise blue water, and is surrounded by majestic hills. Its mushroom- shaped rock formation has become an icon in La Paz, just as The Arch in Cabo San Lucas is.


Cabo Pulmo

This National Park is one of the most important areas around Sea of Cortez with its large number of marine species living there. Cabo Pulmo has one of the three living coral reefs left in North America. Its natural beauty is undeniable, and it’s a great place for diving, kayaking and sport fishing.


Lover’s Beach

Located very close to the iconic Arch, Lover’s beach is an incredibly beautiful spot. It gets its name because of the fact that it is the meeting point of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. There are water taxi or watercrafts to get there from the Marina. This is a great place to observe the extensive variety of marine life with easy swimming and snorkeling.


El Medano beach

El Medano is the ideal place to spend a relaxing beach day, with its more than 2 miles of long golden sand beach, surrounded by  luxurious resorts and restaurants,. The spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez create the ideal backdrop to capture  in a photograph, the natural beauty of this unparalleled place.


Tecolote beach

Visitors to this beach can enjoy delicious typical dishes by the seaside. Specialties include chocolate clams and marinated marlin. It’s such a great place to enjoy crystal clear waters, as you relax in the sun.


Tell us, which is your favorite beach?