If you have a passion for adventure sports, then Kayaking in Cabo is the right place for you!
Besides activities you can do in Los Cabos and surroundings, kayaking is positioned as a favorite one. Test your strength and adventurous spirit.

Discover extraordinary islands, coasts, rivers and beaches while sliding them to the swinging waves and contemplate multicolored fish and infinity treasures that hide under water. Admire the youngest sea on the planet and feel nature from another perspective.

We share 4 ideal places to practice it:

Playa Palmilla:

Breathtaking spot. Sail through its crystal clear waters aboard a kayak while admiring the beauty of its surroundings. You can do it in pairs or individually. At the end of your adventure, walk over this lovely beach of soft sands.

The Arch:

At this location, there is an arch-shaped rock formation that has become the symbol of Los Cabos. You can arrive there by boat in 20 minutes. Because of its calm waters, it is a good area for kayaking, especially while enjoying a gorgeous sunset. You can rent the equipment on El Medano Beach and from there you can paddle out to El Arco.

Lovers Beach:

This beach is hidden behind the famous Arco in Cabo San Lucas. To arrive there you’ll need to take a water taxi that departs from the marina or El Medano Beach. This romantic spot, which can only be seen every four years when the tide recedes, offers a view of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.

Chileno Bay:

Its tranquility and warmth waters are simply stunning. Located in the tourist corridor of San José del Cabo, this beach is an excellent option to take some time and rest under the palm trees you have, take a sunbath or enjoy a nice reading.

Surf kayaking in Los Cabos provides a feeling of being suspended in the air, the transparency of its waters makes possible to feel like you are floating.

Practicing in an amateur or professional way, kayaking is an option for all nature lovers who wish to take a break with friends, spend some fun with the family and / or simply get connected with your inner.

In each experience, a guide and a boat will help you enjoy your stay in Los Cabos completely and safely.

Explore Los Cabos and its unforgettable gifts. Tour the bays and learn about flora and fauna.

Experience ecotourism, as it should be practiced.