Adrenaline, suspense and an unbeatable location: Red Bull Cliff Diving from Los Cabos!

What about this amazing diving division?

It consists on a free fall of more than 27 meters in height combined with incredible acrobatics. Athletes must deploy their jumping skills with a surprisingly complex aesthetic.

No protection, except their full concentration and physical control, will lead them to victory.

The world-renowned location Los Cabos Arch, will be the setting for such an exciting event that will be the prelude to an amazing itinerary that will reach: Inis Mór, Sao Miguel Azores, Polignano Amare, Texas, Mostar and Lago Ranco.

Intrepid participants will face their own fears, testing their style to surprise the jury with their most overwhelming maneuvers.

Athletes seek to score points in each competition as five judges qualify each dive on a scale of 0 to 10 and the total of the dives performed are summed to produce the final score of the competition for each athlete.

Top 6 divers at the end of the season are automatically added for the next season of the World Series.

Competitors of this edition will give the best in those dives in order to dethrone the other champions of the world.

In 2016, Jonathan Paredes (MX) won the inaugural event. He got four third places and was final runner-up. Jonathan has shown the qualities and techniques well polished to compete.

His biggest leap with difficulty has been to do a pirouette from 30 meters, equivalent to 10 floors high through the dense waters of Victoria Falls.

Another competitor who has impressed the public is David Colturi (USA). He makes his magic from a 27-meter-high springboard, when he launches he prefers to do the kind of somersaults and pirouettes that have led him to be one of the best and favorite athletes of the World Series since 2012.

He has been the youngest diver to reach the podium and to win an event of such magnitude.

Despite the incident with his shoulder, last October, this 2017 David Colturi goes with everything hoping to reach the top and reclaim his throne.

Since 2014, high-altitude jumps are officially considered by FINA as a water sport and were checked by regulations corresponding to the same level of swimming, synchronized swimming, open water swimming including water polo.

Red Bull Cliff Diving continues to spread all over the world and remains so adventurous and impressive.