Los Cabos is getting ready, with great anticipation, to host these highly anticipated upcoming events.

Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore tournament, for passionate sport fishing anglers who love deep sea fishing, will take place in Los Cabos from August 2-6. As part of the Bisbee’s series of tournaments, this very important sport fishing event awards one of the largest amounts of prize money in the world. As an example, in 2006 more than $4 million USD were won.

The Cabo San Lucas streets are filled with excited spectators who gather to shop, party, and watch huge fish being weighed in during this tournament in front of the renowned Puerto Paraíso Plaza. The festive atmosphere makes it an experience you will remember all your life.

The ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) elite World Tour, has chosen Los Cabos as host for the 2016 ATP World Tour 250 series, from August 8-13. Los Cabos is set to welcome well known tennis stars at an event which forms part of its North American Summer Tour, and is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Having a draw of 28 players and an award purse of over $800,000 USD, the 4th highest within tournaments of this category, the Abierto Mexicano Los Cabos is expected to welcome more than 20,000 spectators.

The already famous Ironman Los Cabos will be held on October 30th. This challenging event is one that all true athletes want to accomplish at least once in their lifetime. The Ironman is a triathlon which combines a 3,860 meters (2.4 mile) swim, a 180 km (112 mile) bike ride, and a 42.2 km (26.2 mile) marathon.

Every year, well known competitors gather in Los Cabos as part of the world championship classification. The Ironman requires rigorous training and to complete it is an incredible feat, challenging one’s ability to push beyond one’s boundaries and go the distance. If you happen to be in Los Cabos during this time, make sure to catch the amazing performance of these athletes.

The Los Cabos Film Festival, from November 9-13, is an event focused on the dialogue and collaboration between Mexican cinema and its commercial and cultural strategic partners from North America; United States and Canada, as well as participants from around the world. This festival is geared towards the shared vision of this multicultural vibrant region. Year after year, cutting edge, thought provoking and inspiring films are showcased for international audiences.

To go out on high note, be sure to spend New Year’s Eve in Los Cabos at El Medano Beach, where the sky will be filled with the magic of spectacular fireworks illuminating the area as you welcome the New Year.

Pack your bags and experience the best events, only in Los Cabos!